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Questions to ask your solar installer before you buy?

Solar PV system

  1. What is the estimated annual production in KW/h of my system in its installation position?
  2. What is the estimated solar electricity production in the best and worst months? See our output calculator.
  3. Who will service and maintain the solar system? Get an address and contact details, preferably of someone reasonably locally.
  4. What are the responsibilities of each party including installer, manufacturer and consumer?
  5. Get in writing the various component warranties including installer workmanship guarantee, schedule of when deposits are and progress payments are due.
  6. Who is responsible for connecting your solar PV system to the electricity grid? The installer or another subcontractor? When will it happen?
  7. Who is responsible for your meter changeover? You, the solar system installation company or the electricity company? Make sure this is clarified. Quality installation companies usually offer to accommodate the whole job.
  8. How you will receive your solar rebate (STCs)?

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