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What are the applications of solar power in our daily life?

Solar electricity can be used to power households, RV's, commercial and industrial uses. Solar electricity is identical to power generated from fossil fuels, wind & hydro. Solar electricity is generated only during daylight hours and is best used to cover daytime power use rather than consuming from the grid and the power company. One of the keys to successfully making financial savings from a solar system is to 'load shift' power from night-time to daylight hours when free solar power is being produced. The use of timers is helpful on appliances like dishwashers, washing machines, dryers, robotic vacuum cleaners, pool pumps, electric cars/bikes and electric heaters/water heaters can be turned on to maximise the use of free solar power and give big financial savings.

With the arrival of solar storage there is an opportunity to install extra panels to charge up lithium batteries for power use at night. Battery technology is advancing, getting cheaper and improving financials will soon make batteries a very economic investment.

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