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What are the benefits of residential solar energy?

  1. Reduce your electricity bills immediately
  2. Receive Government sponsored rebates – right now! Support is on average equal to 25% of your system
  3. The solar power that you generate and use is free (after the initial purchase of your system). Ten years from now…it’s still free. Meanwhile, price for fossil fuels and electricity rise higher and higher year after year. For the period 2017-2020 electricity rates are schedule to increase by 25% pa
  4. Ensure that your lifestyle at home remains affordable
  5. Enjoy a return on your investment
  6. Increase the value of your home
  7. Any form of renewable energy is good for our future. Help combat global warming by reducing green house gases*
  8. No fuel, waste, or pollution is expelled in its usage

*Solar modules are emission free once manufactured.The energy used for manufacture and transport of LG panels is estimated to take approximately 18 month in Australia to offset the emission before the solar energy created becomes 100% emission free.

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