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My solar power system does not work - what do I do?

Solar Power System Troubleshooting and Solar Repair Guide

If your system is not working, we suggest you take the following steps:

  1. Check the output of the system on the inverter for at least one or two days to see if there is definitely no solar generation
  2. Check if the solar circuit breaker has tripped. Turn it back on at night. If the next day it has tripped again, then this indicates a potentially serious fault
  3. Call your original system supplier / installer and ask them to come out and check the system (remember there can be a call out fee if your fault is not based on a warranty claim - check with the company before they send somebody)
  4. Find your original paper work as you might wish to make a warranty claim
  5. Unfortunately with many cheap systems, the original inverter or panel suppliers might not be in business anymore, as there was a wide range of solar companies installing very cheap solar systems from 2008 to 2013, with long warranties, but when systems started to fail, companies went into liquidation and consumers now hold warranties with little real value. In 2012 for example over 100 solar related companies went into liquidation in Australia
  6. Bankrupt Companies
  7. If you have purchased LG solar panels contact your authorized LG dealer or in Australia call LG’s Customer Care Centre on ph 1300 542 273, 7 Days, 7am - 7pm or email: While the customer care centre is not manned by solar experts, the centre staff will take your contact details, your issue and within 48 hours have appropriate LG authorized solar dealers contact you to ascertain the issue for a speedy solution. In NZ please call 0800 542 273, 7 Days, 9am - 9pm. Email:
  8. If you have not purchased LG panels and you cannot contact your original solar system installer then call a local solar company. Many cheap inverters or panels when they fail cannot easily be repaired and require complete replacement

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