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Energy Dynamics

Energy Dynamics

Energy Dynamics - Commercial LG Partner

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Phone 1300 192 206
Address 16 Valantine Road, Birkdale, QLD 4159
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We have been in the industry for more than 9 years and are Clean Energy Council accredited. We specialize in LG solar Mono -X NeON PV solar modules with SMA inverters, LG Chemical Lithium Batteries, Evacuated tubes Solar Hot Water (commercial) and Dynamic Power Factor correction devices.

We service primarily South East Queensland and secondarily, the rest of Queensland. All our staff are highly motivated and have more than three years’ experience in the sale, installation and maintenance of commercial systems. You can approach us for free assessments and quotes.

The Directors delivered their first 100kW grid connected Zero Export Demand PV solar farm in 2012. Since then, the company has delivered other large installations that have been accredited by Energex. The company also offers RPEQ and data logging services for the accreditation of PV solar farms on the Energex and Ergon networks.

Energy Dynamics relies on four Installation teams. Team leaders are senior electricians with more than 15 years’ experience in the electrical field and unrestricted licenses. All long term members of the Clean Energy Council. The management has over 15 years’ experience in economics, applied technology, energy systems and corporate governance.

We have completed many major and significant installations including

  1. 101kW, Queensland Rehabilitation Services, Coorparoo, QLD. This was the first Zero Export Demand PV solar farm accredited by Energex in Queensland.
  2. 100kW, Queensland Rehabilitation Services, Carindale, QLD. Probably the first or one of the first Zero Export Demand PV solar farms controlled via Cluster Controller and COMAP Intelipro.
  3. 185kW Queensland Rehabilitation Services, Project name: Portofino-Hamilton, Corner between Nudgee Road and Kingsford Drive. This is a Neon2 320W installation distributed on two sepate buildings. SMA inverters, COMAP Intelimains grid protection system and 500KVA diesel backup system with PV that understands the genset is activated and automatically changes inverters power to optimally support the genset.
  4. 60kW of 167kW ongoing project, Cleveland District High School, Cleveland, QLD. The largest PV solar farm for a state school in Queensland.
  5. 100kW, Superior Care, Wellington Point, QLD. Where LG NeON is worth all the roof space that it saves.
  6. 100kW, Superior Care, Merrimac, QLD. Another successful LG NeON installation

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