24 MW supply contract for LG’s NeON and Mono-X panels in the US

5 September 2014

The US arm of LG Electronics just announced a supply partnership with San Diego based Borrego Solar Systems Inc. Borrego designs and installs grid connected solar systems in the residential and commercial space.

Under the agreement, LG Electronics will in 2015 deliver over 24 MW of Mono X and NeON solar panels to Borrego Solar , which will promote the LG solar panels as their preferred strategic commercial product in the USA.

There is a clear demand for more efficient product in the commercial market and at the same time bringing top quality products and solid value panels to North American customers, the partners commented.

24 MW supply contract for LG’s NeON and Mono-X panels in the US

LG's Mono X NeON modules, are among the lightest modules manufactured , offering high-efficiency output of up to 300 & 305 watts with an 18.6 percent module efficiency, and this has a high attraction in the market, Borrego commented.

"LG has a 30-year track record in solar technologies, and as a result of our pre-existing business relationship with LG, Borrego Solar is confident in LG's brand and ability to deliver superior efficiency, strength of warranty, quality and reliability," said Mike Hall, CEO at Borrego Solar, a leading designer, developer, installer and financier of grid-tied PV systems.

LG Mono X series modules come with an industry-leading warranty (based on the complete warranty package) and are third-party quality tested and validated. Reliable design and controls contribute to a historically low warranty claim rate in the United States and around the world.