How to use this website

How to use this specialised solar power website

  1. Please note the key navigation tools are right at the top of this site. So scroll to the top of the screen, hover over the various sections and familiarise yourself with the topics;
  2. If you do not know anything about solar and want to learn about solar power - go to the FAQ Section to learn more about solar in general;
  3. If you want to find out all about LG's solar power panels - go to Panels and Systems;
  4. The Solar Calculators allow you to see how many panels will fit on your house or how many kWh your solar system can create;
  5. Consider the Download Section for any brochures, datasheets or certificates;
  6. Check out all the LG solar videos in our videos section under Panels and Systems;
  7. If you want to find your local authorised LG solar installers - please go to the Dealer Network section.