LG NeON solar panels feature on the Block TV series

LG NeON solar panels feature on the Block TV series

LG Electronics are proud to see that one of their solar partners, Beacon Solar became a supplier of in the 2014 series of The Block on the Nine Network.

LG Electronics donated 16 of our high efficiency top class NeON panels to Beacon Solar, who installed a 16 panel, 4,8 kW system on the Block’s roof top terraces as a key feature.

Producers for the 2014 TV series made sure that the latest renovation featured innovative designs and eco-friendly products to ensure that the property was energy efficient and sustainable.

Beacon Solar worked with The Block's producers to bring the most solar power to the tight roof space and they choose LG’s most high efficient 300W NeON series panels. At only 17,3 kg LG’s NeON range is also one of the most light weight solar panels on the market.

While the team at Beacon has had a long-standing association with “The Block”, Channel Nine’s hugely popular renovation series for lighting products, this is the 1st time they also supplied the solar power system.

LG’s National Solar Manager Markus Lambert said:” Since we launched the LG NeON solar panels in mid-2013, we have had customers wait up to 6 weeks for this product, as they have just become so popular The more we bring into the country the more they fly out the door” he continued. Obviously being 20% more efficient than the traditional 60 cell, 250W panels the LG NeON offers a terrific solar solution, especially for tight roofs, like here in the Block installation.”

Beacon Solar used on the latest system 8 Greenstar GS500 Micro-inverters. The micro-inverters are the latest in solar technology and work well with LG’s NeON solar panel range. This relatively new solar technology gives each LG solar module its own inverter, which produces additional extra electricity generation compared with traditional string inverters. This technical solution also maximises system performance if there are shading issues.

Beacon Solar staff install LG solar panels