LG's standard new Mono-X panel will offer 275W


LG Electronics Solar Module Product upgrade increases efficency

LG Electronics are upgrading their product offer from the LG Mono-X 260W (LG260S1C-A3) Monocrystalline module to the LG Mono-X 275W (LG275S1C-B3) Monocrystalline module. 

The latest development is testament to LG’s continuous research and development and their desire to produce one of the highest yielding per square meter products in the market.

·  16.8% Module Efficiency

·  Linear Warranty backed right here in Australia

·  Genuine MC4 connectors

·  Panel size: 1640mm x 1000mm x 35mm

·  Weighing just 17.3kg

We are already experiencing high early demand for this product.