Reduce the impact of price hikes in energy bills by switching to solar

SYDNEY, June 2017 — It is no surprise that more Australian homeowners are beginning to realise the benefits of investing in a solar solution. Electricity prices continue to skyrocket, with industry experts anticipating homeowners will face an average increase of $78 in energy bills in 2018*.

Solar panels have evolved to become exceptionally powerful and energy efficient. Thanks to the latest design and technology improvements, adopting the right solar solution for the home means Australians could potentially save hundreds of dollars off their annual energy bills**.

Catering to consumers seeking more environmentally-friendly initiatives for the home, the new NeON® R solar panel from LG Electronics (LG) offers a host of innovative and practical features to help Australians get the most out of their solar panel solution.

The NeON® R is a powerful performer. Combining enhanced durability with sleek aesthetics, the NeON® R has a 25-year performance warranty***. Significant improvements to the solar panel mean the NeON® R performs more efficiently than ever before, making it ideal for homeowners who want to maximise electricity from their solar panels.

It's high quality, premium frame in a piano black finish makes the NeON® R a welcome addition to design-savvy homeowners. Its compact frame means homeowners with restricted roof sizes – like inner-city terraces or town houses – can enjoy a 50 per cent larger capacity system on their roof . For optimum use, solar panels typically need to be positioned in a location where they receive as much sun exposure as possible. Due to its high efficiency, clever design and technology features, the NeON® R can operate efficiently, even when it is installed nearby obstructions such as shadows of trees and chimneys. 

Markus Lambert, National sales manager LG Energy, commented: “Used in conjunction with industry leading battery systems, a high-powered solar solution like the LG NeON® R has the potential to generate enough solar power to charge the batteries and run a three bedroom home^.

“Designed to help power the Australia solar market, this is LG’s most innovative solar offering to date. Boasting efficiency and style, the NeON® R offers more choices for Australian homeowners looking to invest in a quality solar panel solution.”

Key features of the LG NeON® R:

-  A 60 cell module featuring 360 watts for 20.8 per cent efficiency.^^

-  Spectacular output with stable performance in the internal Damp Heat and Thermal cycle test.

-  With its newly reinforced frame design, the panel can endure static front load up to 6000Pa and rear load up to 5400Pa which is twice the wind-load of standard panels.

-  The n-type cells used in the NeON® R have almost no boron, which may cause the initial performance degradation, leading to less Light Induced Degradation.

-  Improved performance warranty ensures long-term stable operation. After 25 years, power performance is guaranteed at least 87.6% relative to initial performance.

-  Compact design is ideal for mounting on small rooftops or on ground mounted frames.

-  Includes a comprehensive 25 year parts and labour warranty.

-  Available Mid 2017.

Visit the LG Australia website to view the full range of solar products:


* Australian Energy Markets Commission, 2016. See

 ** Every Australian home is unique and has a different set of requirements. Online tools like LG’s solar savings calculator is designed to help homeowners determine their potential savings if they switch to solar. See

*** After 25 years, power performance is guaranteed at least 87.6% relative to initial performance, compared to 80.2 per cent for standard, 60 cell panels.

^ The average residential dwelling is a three bedroom home according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2013. See

^^ Many standard solar panels offer 60 cell modules, with several producing 260 to 270 watts of power. This delivers an output of 15.9 to 16.5 per cent efficiency.

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