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High Testing Standards

High Testing Standards

The LG solar manufacturing plant contains state-of-the art testing laboratories. These facilities test daily for product quality and performance. Our labs have been certified as high quality photovoltaic testing facilities by two world leading certifying authorities, TÜV Rheinland (Germany) and Underwriters Laboratories (USA). This dual certification is a first for the solar industry.

Before LG Solar modules leave the factory, they undergo a broad range of tests that guarantee the quality of production. We ensure our modules meet strict requirements so that you get a return on your investment.

Testing is carried out by our own in-house test laboratory, which is certified by the TÜV Rheinland and Underwriters Laboratories. The tests satisfy all of the requirements that are part of the latest test standards. Here you can find the various test procedures that our modules have to pass.

LG solar panels are exposed to extreme temperatures as part of weather test

Weather test
In order to prevent premature material fatigue, our products are tested for their weather resistance in wet and cold conditions as well as under extreme changes in temperature.

LG solar panels are subject to maximum output test

Maximum output test
After undergoing various stress tests, the module is subjected to a output test. The test is only passed if the nameplate output is reached consistently.

Mechanical load test are performed on LG solar panels to check their resistance

Mechanical load test
Solar modules need to be able to demonstrate considerable resistance: Sophisticated mechanical load tests monitor whether our modules can resist adverse conditions such as strong winds as well as snow and ice in colder climates.

LG solar panels undergo breakage test to ensure they are robust

Module breakage test
Stone chips, branches and wind borne objects are a “natural enemy” of solar modules. The LG module breakage test examines the tolerance of the modules against stones and other objects that can hit the surface during their life.

LG solar panels can withstand hailstorms without effecting its functionality

Hail test
A hailstorm is a destructive force that solar modules need to be able to withstand. In our hail test, hailstones made of ice are fired at the modules and a check is then performed to test the modules functionality.

Tests are perfomed on every individual parts of the solar panels

Individual materials testing
To ensure that the solar modules function properly in terms of their component interaction, individual parts such as wafers, ethylene vinyl acetate film (EVA), glass and backing film are subjected to stringent tests.

LG through its certified testing laboratories undertakes a very wide range of tests, as indicated below, to ensure our solar modules stand the test of time.

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