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Long Warranties

Long Warranties

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12 Year Warranty(Parts and labour)

LG’s 12 year warranty(parts and labour) provides peace of mind, because LG will offer a module repair or module replacement for major failures or material defects.

25 Years Warranty

25 Year Linear Output Warranty* - (limited parts warranty)

Our module support policy includes a linear performance warranty, which guarantees a power output of 83.6% after 25 years. The linear warranty allows the purchaser of LG solar modules to calculate the amount of electricity being generated by their system for each of the next 25 years.

LG’s breakthrough technology ensures that during the 1st year, the output is guaranteed at 98% of nameplate capacity, with a further drop of 0.6% each year thereafter. So by the 25th year, output is still guaranteed at 83.6%.

This solid warranty provides you with confidence that your panels have a high efficiency in the long run benefiting you - the customer.

Transferable Warranty

The warranties provided in the manufacturer’s warranty are transferable.
This means that when an owner sells the home with LG modules installed, the new owners of the property will continue to enjoy the LG warranty protection.

* Warranty Conditions apply, please see warranty document for more details.

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