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Module Advantages

Module Advantages

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Fourth Generation LG panels

At first glance, you can barely notice the difference between modern solar modules from a range of manufacturers. That’s why the “interior” i.e. the quality of used materials, the consistency in the processing of the materials, the research and technology invested in the product, the design of the module and the financial stability of the manufacturer are of great importance.

LG Solar modules are characterised by their maximum load capacity. This is achieved by using high-quality materials — even down to the smallest detail. In particular, our frame design is the key to withstanding extreme stresses and strains in order to safeguard your investment.

At LG Solar, quality-assurance is a top priority, that's why our solar panels are created using technologically advanced quality testing processes. For example our panels are checked via EL screening for micro cracks both before and after the laminating process.

Water can be an enemy of solar modules over time and can cause corrosion damage on the frame through condensation or the pooling of rain water. Our modules ensure the effective drainage of condensation and rain water regardless of whether or not they are installed in portrait or landscape.

LG manufactures its own solar cells

LG produces its own solar cells and does not purchase the cells externally, unlike some manufacturers. This ensures complete control over the quality of our solar panel products, particularly with regard to critical module components.

LG solar panels contain quality components

Quality solar panel components

We only use high-quality materials produced by LG Electronics or by first-class supply partners. All these components are subject to continuous quality checks, because LG modules are only as good as the quality of its components.

LG's solar modules have a 25 year output warranty

In addition to the quality of solar modules, performance is a decisive factor in assuring the return on your investment. By conducting tests that exceed IEC standards, we ensure that our solar modules satisfy the highest quality criteria upon leaving the production line. You can therefore depend on the performance of our modules, which have a comprehensive linear output warranty of 25 years.

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