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Positive Power Tolerance

Positive Power Tolerance

The Importance of Positive Only Tolerance

LG is quality focused solar panel manufacturer using a positive tolerance only grading system for their solar panels.

Many solar panel manufacturers use a plus/minus tolerance - normally shown in the panel specifications. For example, a 255 watt panel may be tested as low as 250 watts, but still sold as a 255 watt panel. Does that sound unfair? We think so... but it is “acceptable” if the manufacturer for example states a 0 / (-3%) tolerance on their specification sheet.

Why is this so important? Solar panels are wired together in “strings”. The maximum power of each string is governed by the lowest performing panel. So if just 1 of your solar panels is performing at 3% below its rated performance, this will drag down the performance of your entire system.

For example a new LG 255W Mono X™ solar panel is guaranteed to achieve over 255 watts when tested under industry standards. Just one of the many ways LG provides peace of mind and a secure investment.

What does this mean for you? More power... Day after day... Year after year...

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