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  • LG NeON® H+ 415W

    LG NeON® H+ 415W

    The LG NeON® H+ is equipped with N-type cells and half-cut and gap-free technology to increase power and efficiency co...

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  • LG NeON® H+ Black 410W

    LG NeON® H+ Black 410W

    LG NeON® H+ Black - Ideally suited for Australia and New Zealand climates....

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  • LG NeON® H+ Black 410W

    LG NeON® H+ Black 410W

    LG NeON® H+ Black - Ideally suited for Australia and New Zealand climates.
    • Excellent Low Light Performance
    • Great Visual Appearance
    • Improved High Temperature Performance
    • Enhanced Performance Warranty
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    Excellent Low Light Performance

    LG NeON® H+ has great performance under low light conditions with LG technology and our own Korean cell manufacturing, with low tolerances ensuring highly consistent performing panels.

    Great Visual Appearance

    LG NeON® H+ panels have been designed with appearance in mind. Their black cells, black frame and thinner wire busbars give an esthetically pleasing uniform black appearance. While other panels in field tests have faded in their black cell colours sometimes giving a patchy appearance, LG NeON® panels continue to look good year after year. Your home deserves the LG NeON® H+.

    Improved High Temperature Performance

    Solar panels slowly lose their ability to generate power as they get hotter. LG NeON® H+ has an improved temperature co-efficient to standard modules, which means in hot weather LG LG NeON® H+ panels will deliver higher output.

    Enhanced Performance Warranty

    LG NeON® H+ comes with an enhanced performance warranty. At 25 years of use, the LG NeON® H+ is guaranteed to provide at least 90.6% of initial performance.

    Additional Features

    • Increased Output with HTAR Glass and Anti-reflective Coatings

      LG uses HTAR glass (Highly Transmitted Anti Reflection) which has low reflectivity and high transmittance to increase power generation compared to AR glass used in previous models.

    • Proven Field Performance

      LG has been involved in a number of comparison tests of the LG panels against many other brands of panels. LG NeON® models are consistantly among the best performing in these tests.

    • High Wind Load Resistance

      LG panels have a strong double walled frame. When it comes to wind forces (rear load) our panel under test withstood a wind load of 4000 Pascals.

    • Hail Resistant

      LG NeON® H+ panels are tested with 35mm hail stones hit at 27.2m per second in comparison with the IEC standards of 25mm and 23m per second, thus making the NeON® H+ panel significantly stronger to withstand larger hail stones.

    • 25 Year Product & Performance Warranty

      The LG NeON® H+ comes with a 25 year product and performance warranty which includes replacement, labour and transport. The warranty is provided by LG Electronics Australia and New Zealand.

    • Built To Last - Extensive Testing Programme

      LG solar panels are tested at least up to 2 times the International Standards at our in-house testing laboratories, ensuring a very robust and longer lasting solar module.

    • Strict Quality Control

      The quality control of LG world-class solar production is monitored and improved using Six Sigma techniques via 500+ monitoring points to effectively maintain and improve our quality.

    • 60 Years of Manufacturing Expertise

      LG panels are designed and built utilising 6 decades of manufacturing excellence by LG. As with any other LG Electronics product, when you buy LG panels, they come with the assurance of a global manufacturer that over the past 6 decades has mastered product design and manufacturing process. The benefit is peace of mind solar panels that exceed customer expectations.


    Cell Configuration132 Cells (6 x 22)
    Cell VendorLG
    Cell TypeMonocrystalline / N-type
    # of Busbar9 EA
    Dimensions (L x W x H)1,880 x 1,042 x 40 mm
    Front Load5400 Pa
    Rear Load4000 Pa
    Weight19.7 kg
    Connector TypeGenuine MC4, IP68
    (Male: PV-KST4) (Female: PV-KBT4)
    Junction BoxIP 68 with 3 bypass diodes
    Cables (Length)(Included Connector)1,400 mm x 2 EA
    Front coverTempered Glass with AR Coating
    FrameAnodised aluminum with black backsheet


    CertificationsISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001
    IEC 61215-1/-1-1 / 2 : 2016, IEC 61730-1/2 : 2016, UL 61730-1 : 2017, UL 61730-2 : 2017
    ISO 45001
    Salt Mist Corrosion TestIEC 61701 : 2011 Severity 6
    Ammonia Corrosion TestIEC 62716 : 2013
    Fire RatingClass C (UL 790)
    Product Warranty25 Years 
    Output Warranty of Pmax 
    (Measurement Tolerance ± 3%)
    Linear Warranty*
    * 1) 1st years: 98.5%, 2) After 1st year: 0.33% annual degradation, 3) 90.6% after 25 years   


    NMOT42 ± 3 °C
    Pmax-0.33 %/°C
    Voc-0.26 %/°C
    Isc0.04 %/°C


    Maximum Power Pmax (W)410
    MPP Voltage Vmpp (V)38.0
    MPP Current Impp (A)10.79
    Open Circuit Voltage (Voc, ± 5%) (V)45.4
    Short Circuit Current (Isc, ± 5%) (A)11.24
    Module Efficiency (%)20.9
    Operating Temperature (°C)-40 ~ +85
    Maximum System Voltage (V)1000 (IEC)
    Maximum Series Fuse Rating (A)20
    Power Tolerance (%)0 ~ +3

    *STC (Standard Test Condition): Irradiance 1000 W/m², module temperature 25°C, Spectrum AM 1.5.Measure Tolerance : ± 3 %
    The nameplate power output is measured and determined by LG Electronics at its sole and absolute discretion.


    Maximum Power Pmax (W)309
    MPP Voltage Vmpp (V)


    MPP Current Impp (A)8.64
    Open Circuit Voltage Voc (V)42.8
    Short Circuit Current Isc (A)9.05

    *NMOT (Nominal Module Operating Temperature): Irradiance 800 W/m², ambient temperature 20°C, wind speed 1 m/s, Spectrum AM 1.5.

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