Solar Calculators

Here are some great solar tools. How many panels are likely to fit on your roof? Given your electricity bill and usage pattern, which system size will be the best for you? Use our calculators and learn about the potential benefits of solar for your circumstance.  Feel free to give feedback so we can continuously improve these tools. Happy researching.

Electricity Price Rise Impact

Electricity Price Rise Impact Find out how the electricity price rises are likely to impact you and your family.

Solar System Output Calculator

Solar System Output Calculator Find out how much natural sunlight is available in your area local area and how to take advantage of this natural energy.

Solar System Based On Roof Size

Solar System Based On Roof Size Find a suitable system based on your roof size and geographical location.

Solar Savings & Payback Calculator

Solar Savings & Payback Calculator Find out how much different size solar systems can save on your electricity bill and what will be your Return On Investment.

Solar Income & ROI calculator

Return On Investment Calculator