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Electricity Price Rise Impact

This calculator can show how electricity price increases in the future have the potential to affect your out of pocket electricity expenses. In the years 2008 to 2012 electricity costs rose above inflation in many parts of Australia. This calculator allows you to work out the potential electricity price in the future by selecting an average inflation rate for the next 5 years. Please note that LG through this calculator tool is making no claim or predictions regarding electricity price increases in future years. Before you use the calculator please get one or a few of your past electricity bills to check your consumption and the current price per kWh.

Bill info

Please enter the average billing amount or the daily average kWh consumption for your household. The average daily usage in kW per hour (kWh) is usually displayed on the back of your bill.
This is not a valid integer! Please enter your last bill! Average bill value must be higher than $ {[{ formData.surcharge }]}.
This is not a valid integer! Please enter your surcharge!
This is not a valid integer! Please enter your dailyUsage!
This is not a valid integer! Please enter your surcharge!
This is not a valid integer! Please enter your daily average kWH
{[{ formData.inflationRate }]} % annually
${[{ formData.purchaseRate }]} per kWh

Annual Cost

This graph estimates your increasing annual electricity bill over the next 5 years based on current average use. A supply charge as entered by yourself has been deducted from the nominated bill amount as this is a fixed cost which can not be eliminated by the solar generation (without supply charge).
{[{ data[0] }]}
Cost ${[{ data[1] | number: 0}]}

Please check your potential electricity cost in future years, based on current consumption data.

Daily Monthly Quarterly Yearly
Only Cost
Electricity Consumption {[{data.value}]} kWh

Please note the yearly consumption in kWh as this result/number will be relevant information to have handy for the next calculators.

Disclaimer: Please note these calculators are a guide only and please verify the information obtained through these calculators independently. In compiling these calculators LG Electronics Australia (LG) has utilised available data from the Clean Energy Council and the Australian Bureau of Meteorology. LG has used its best endeavours to ensure that the supplied calculations and information are correct, but LG takes no responsibility for any error or defect therein. LG shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising from the use or reliance of any data supplied by these calculators.

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