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Pick the right solar system for you

First, we need you to enter your address details so we can estimate your sunlight hours

Outline your roof

Draw around your roof area so we can help determine the shape and size available to you

Drag the green arrow to set the direction of your roof

The green line indicates the front edge of your roof

Rotate the panels to select the direction

The short edge of the panel should face your gutter

Your Results

  • Roof {[{ roofArea.index }]}

    {[{ roofArea.areaSize }]}
    {[{ roofArea.angle }]} degree

{[{$select.selected.text || $select.selected}]}

You now need to trace the roof area you wish to install solar on.

  • Please use slider to zoom into your particular roof.
  • Select the best roof area your panels should fit. North, North West and North East are all suitable. Avoid southern facing roofs.
  • To mark the roof area click in one corner and then extend the red line to the next corner. Click again and continue the process to trace around your selected roof space. By closing the selected area the roof area should colour in, incase no colouring occurs just press enter. Now choose roof angle and number of obstacles which could cause overshadowing.
  • If you wish to add another roof, press appropriate button. If only one roof press NEXT


  • You can zoom in a bit more onto your roof, using the +/- zoom slider on the map so your roof fills a significant part of the screen.
  • Drag the roof area into view by holding down the right click and drag image across the screen.


  • Set the direction of your solar panels by dragging the green arrow.
  • Please note: Ideally the short side of panels face the gutter, but LG panels can be mounted both in horizontal as well as vertical position.
  • Roof {[{ roofArea.index }]}

    Rotate Panels

    {[{ roofArea.areaSize }]} {[{ roofArea.obstacle }]} obstacles
    {[{ roofArea.angle }]} degree
    {[{ roofArea.panelCount }]} panels


  • You can rotate panels. Please note in most cases short edge of panel should face the gutter.
  • You can rotate the directions of the panels by clicking the rotate button, otherwise press Calculate potential system size.

{[{ totalPanel() }]} Panels

{[{$select.selected.text || $select.selected}]}

You can generate

{[{ totalOutput() }]}W

{[{ estimatedSize() }]}

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