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Will the solar system help me reduce my green house gas generation?

Greenhouse gases can be reduced by using solar power.

Greenhouse House Gas (GHG) is avoided by using solar power, with the typical focus on the most significant greenhouse gas from electricity generation which is Carbon Dioxide(CO2).

In Australia each kWh of electricity generated from conventional sources such a coal, creates on average, approximately 1kg of CO2.

According to the Australian Energy Market Commission, the average Australian home uses approximately 6,164 kWh of electricity each year thus creating 6.1 Tonnes of CO2 each year.

Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions has been identified as an important initiative to reduce the impact of climate change.


One of the things to consider when you do go for solar is not just the financial return but also the environmental return and from that area LG has a very good story to tell.

We have over three megawatt of solar panels on our factory and therefore a considerable amount of the input electricity which is around 30% is actually already supplied by renewable energy.

So we make the panel using part of renewable energy. We have a higher efficient and lighter panel so that means less panels have to be shipped to create a certain system size.

So again in the CO2 output in the shipping LG panels are very good and then finally when we have a higher efficient and long-lasting panel that means the CO2 in the abatement

again is very positive compared to some competitor products. So from that environmental point of view the LG solar panels when it comes to CO2 abatement is one of the best on the market.

So thank you very much for joining us here at the LG Energy website. We have frequently asked questions and all the answers.

We have beginners guides, videos from dealers, we have output calculators so you can actually see what happens in your area with the solar system and how much it will generate so please go onto the website do your research if you're looking into solar LG is the way to go.

Is solar power truly CO2 free?

Is solar power truly CO2 free?

The energy required to make a solar panel from basic raw materials in the ground to finished panel is called the ‘embedded energy’ or ‘lifecycle energy’ cost of the panel.

In most cases when the solar panel is installed on a roof and generating power it only takes around two years of the panels working life to recover this energy.

In the case of a quality long-lasting panel a further 25 years or more of zero CO2 electricity will be produced.

Most solar companies use their own solar panels to power their panel manufacturing plants, so the consumption of fossil fuel derived energy to make panels is now very low and getting lower.

The second issue is how much Greenhouse House Gas (GHG) is avoided by using solar power, with the typical focus on Carbon Dioxide (CO2), the most significant greenhouse gas from fossil fuel electricity generation.

In Australia each kWh of electricity generated from conventional sources creates approximately 1kg of CO2. A 6.6 kWh solar system will produce around 10,600 kWh a year which will save around 10.6 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year.

Taking into account the two years to pay off the embedded energy in the panel, after 25 years a 6.6 kWh system will have a net saving of around 243 tonnes of CO2. You can be very confident that a quality solar system, well installed, will make a huge contribution to lowering fossil fuel CO2 emissions.

Why is solar power inter linked with the growth of the electric car?

With oil prices still steadily rising and global warming a growing issue electric vehicles and hybrid cars are becoming a mainstream option for consumers. Consumers wanting to save some money and also reduce greenhouse gases are opting for them.

These cars use rechargeable batteries and these batteries can be powered by solar panels. Therefore solar panels can have a massive impact in the reduction of the release of greenhouse gases.

Your roof space in future years might be a very valuable asset to harness the power of the sun, via solar panels, to then power electric cars. Therefore it is always worthwhile to consider getting the most efficient solar panel, like the LG NeON, so you reserve valuable roof space for your solar energy needs in the future.

Why is solar power inter linked with the growth of the electric car?

Why choose LG Solar Panels?

Not all solar panels are built the same. When you purchase solar panels from LG Solar you are investing in a product backed by years of experience and manufactured with the help of stringent research and testing standards.


Q. Will the solar system help me reduce my green house gas generation?

The Renewable Energy Target is a Federal Government scheme that creates and oversees a market and a value for the emissions savings from solar power systems (and other renewable energy technologies).

The savings of CO2 emissions via solar electricity generation is being rewarded through tradeable certificates for small scale solar systems called Small Scale Technology certificates or STC’s. The governing body for this scheme is the Clean Energy Regulator.

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Q. Why should I use an LG Authorized Solar network installer?

LG selects high-quality solar companies to be LG Authorised Installers. A quality solar panel needs a quality installation to optimise it's performance and long-life which maximises financial savings for households. The solar industry includes quality solar installers but sadly also sharks, cowboys and ethically challenged operators.

A large number of solar companies have closed over the last 10 years, many have intentionally 'phoenixed' (closed and re-opened under a different name) to avoid honouring installation warranties when low quality equipment and installations fail.

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Q. Why should I buy LG Solar Panels?

Buying a solar module from LG means you are purchasing a solar product built to last for decades. LG Electronics Australia has the capacity to provide a reliable backup and makes their locally awarded warranties count for a long time. They offer the biggest consumer brand in solar.

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