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Quality solar affordable for homebuilders

When it comes to new home construction, LG is the perfect choice. With close to $55 billion in wordwide sales and over $1 billion in local turnover LG is a giant in the solar landscape.

Since 2010 LG solar has sold over 1.5 million award winning solar panels across many communities in Australia and New Zealand representing over 75,000 new home systems.

Why not offer LG solar panels as an attractive option for your new build homes?

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* Based on average system size of 6.6kW

Quality solar affordable for homebuilders
Why partner with LG Solar?

Why partner with LG Solar?

With the largest consumer brand in solar market in Australia, LG solar systems are desirable and offer a peace of mind solution.

They can offer significant electricity bill savings and give your homes the sustainable edge with a quality LG renewable energy panel system.

We are here to partnet with you through a customised approach that delivers solar while reducing impact on your operations.

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Why choose LG Solar Panels?

Not all solar panels are built the same. When you purchase solar panels from LG Solar you are investing in a product backed by years of experience and manufactured with the help of stringent research and testing standards.

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