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Greg Young (00:07):
We're quite close to the coast. We live in a saltwater environment, and that was an important factor in the decision on our system. It had to work well in this environment and also be able to withstand relatively harsh environmental conditions.

David Serra (00:29):
We're in it for the long haul. We're a longterm family run business, and we want a quality product. We picked the LG panels because of the increased productivity, increased performance that they represent, especially in low lights, which we have up here quite often in North Queensland, and also the quality of the product, the extended warranty and just the overall quality of the product.

Susan Stuklis (00:57):
It didn't take me very long to work out that LG are a market leader, and I could tell from when I spoke to all the installers, that as soon as you said LG, it was almost like a relief that that was the system that they were going to install. I felt that that was a very positive thing for LG, because if people like installing it and they like using it, it's got to be a good product.

Ryan Docking (01:20):
So the system I've chosen is an LG solar panel. And from the recommendations, it seems like it's pretty top end. I've chosen a high quality, high value solar panel to put on the roof here because I want to future proof my home. I want to make sure that whatever I put on the house is going to last a long, long time. The panels that are going on today have a 25 year warranty, and that was something that was pretty appealing for me.

Phil Birch (01:50):
Choice put out a wonderful research document, which had been done with the CSIRO for 12 months, and they had a numerous amount of panels. The LG panel showed it to be the best by far. And that was one of the reasons we got... In fact, that was the major reason we got the LG panel.

Doug Frazer (02:08):
We had to choose a system which was going to perform well in shade. We needed a solar panel with a lot of efficiency. Our roof space is, despite being a large house, is rather limited in terms of what directions we could use. So we needed a really efficient panel. We needed a panel, or I wanted a panel, with a long warranty, both against workmanship and also performance, of which the LG panel satisfies that criteria.

Phil Birch (02:44):
I don't think investing in a panel is sending it back quick and cheap. It's about what's the best. If you're going to have something, you want it to last, and this has got a guaranteed life of 25 years. So I think getting the best possible panel is what everyone should do. And if LG is at the top, you take that.

Robert Jaques (03:02):
I mainly chose it because of the technology behind it. Also, the temperature coefficient. We're up here in North Queensland and it gets hot. So in the hot weather, the panels are going to be performing a hell of a lot better.

Rocco Musolino (03:13):
I decided on LG because after investigating the panels and also having a look at the panels that I had, I felt that LG offered a better panel, it produced more wattage per panel. It also offered a much better warranty. I think it was a more reliable warranty rather than, there's some question marks on some of the warranties that are out in the marketplace, yes.

Susan Stuklis (03:42):
And the company that I went with, are the suppliers of LG panels, so I really felt very confident about getting those.

Ryan Docking (03:50):
The fact that LG's a pretty well known brand was something that made me feel pretty secure. I know that a lot of solar panels are starting to come off other roofs after only a couple of years of service, but the quality of the brand and the reliability of it, it made me feel really secure about going with them.

Susan Stuklis (04:08):
I'm very happy with the choice of LG, and I would recommend it to anybody else. I'd say go with a quality product because in the long run, you'll be happier with it. I definitely put my money where my mouth is, yeah. And I thought it was actually better to maybe pay a little bit more because in the long run, it will give you the return and you won't be sorry that you've done it.

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