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Are LG solar panels overpriced?


Let me talk about the pricing for the LG solar panels. When you look in the normal shops, the Harvey Norman's, the Bing Lee's, the Domain, all the places that LG is, JB Hi-Fi, you go in, you look at the washing machines. You look at the fridges, the TVs, LG Price Point is right in the middle, a bit more than some competitors, but less than some competitors. We are a fair price point.

So how come in the solar space suddenly they all go, "The LG panels are so expensive." We're not expensive. We actually have the price point that we need to be to really create a top quality, long lasting product. A four to five year payback on a solar system is not unreasonable. So we argue that our price point is not high. It is actually fair, and it is the price that it has to be to actually create a high quality product.

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