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Can my electricity bill really be 0 Dollars?


A lot of the sales talk and the spin that's going around solar actually is slightly misleading to the customer. I must say, there's call centers, there's door knockers. This industry comes partly out of the insulation industry. When the insulation industry was shut down, people were looking for a rebate and moved over. So we, with the larger LG brand, we don't want to have anything to do with people who misrepresent a situation. A zero dollar bill is not easy to achieve because every quarter you will be charged the supply fee, which in most cases, is about a hundred dollars for residential people.

So in order to get a zero dollar bill, you would have to offset all your use, and then you would have to export the equivalent of at least that hundred dollars. Now, if you're a small household and put a big system on, you could actually theoretically achieve that outcome.

But for most people, if they have like a five, $600 bill, they're possibly getting it down to maybe 150 in summer, and maybe 250, 300 in winter. So you make a very significant difference, but you're not completely going to offset it. Zero dollars is a good marketing spin, but I would expect a significant reduction in the bill, but still to have some costs. Recently, one of my colleagues bought an LG system, had about a $650 bill before it, came to work very proud, was down to about $220. So had a really excellent result.

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