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Do I get paid for my extra solar energy production?


When solar comes from the roof into your house, it first services the appliances that you use. Whatever then does not get used, because sometimes, in summer, there's a lot of solar being generated and then it goes into your house and you're not using it, or it goes to the meter box, and then from the meter box, it runs out into what you call the grid.

At the meter box, it gets measured what you put out, and in most cases, you will then get paid something called a feed-in tariff. It does vary in different parts of Australia, but right at the moment, in early 2019, we're looking at about 11 to 12 cents that you're getting paid. 

Electricity might be 25 to 30, 35 kilowatt hours, depending. So for three kilowatt hours that you export, you actually can get one back out of the grid at night for free. So one of the good things with the feed-in tariff is you use the grid as your big batteries. 

You send it out when you don't use it. And then at night, the credit that you earn, you can bring it back in. So it's called a feed-in tariff and it's a very good invention.

When you have your feed-in tariff, you're really like a mini power station that is then moving it into the grid and makes you money. At that then, the bill point will get offset and you get a credit for it and that comes off the top of your bill for all the other electricity you've used.

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