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Does hot weather reduce the power generation of solar panels?


On very, very hot weather, actually start to flat line. So when you need to really crank them up with your air conditioning and all that, surprise, surprise, your solar system is just hanging in there. Because over 25 degrees, a lot of the cheaper solar panels don't really like it. They just flat line.

The LG panels still perform excellent in very, very hot weather as one of our key advantages. Now I had a gentleman from Adelaide call me a couple of weeks ago when we had the really big heat waves in Adelaide with 49 degrees. And we have an 800 kilowatt system on a chicken farm.

And he was measuring the temperature on the panel. It was 83 degrees. And even at that, the 800 kilowatt system was still producing 680 kilowatts of output. He was completely blown away, he sent me an SMS. With other words, our panels are less effected by heat than a lot of the competitors.

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