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How do I get warranty support for the replacement of older LG solar panel models?


We're right now in early 2019, I've been with LG since 2011. And in that timeframe we sold over a million solar panels. In regards to the warranty, we had less than 40 of them come back in that timeframe. Now, I have in our warehouse in Eastern Creek, still replacement moduled for every single model that we have installed. So if somebody buys an LG system and need support in future years, it is very likely that we still have that panel. So let's say we have a particular model that had actually an issue and we do not have that model in the warehouse anymore. So you have a system with three panels and you're asking for our support. In that case, I would actually ask you to give me all the 20 panels that you might be having back and give you brand new panels for the whole system.

I then bring the 20 panels back. The panels with the issues would be put aside, the others will be recleaned and sorted, and will be restocked as a second refurbished product into our warranty pipeline. Which means for the next customer with any issues on that model I actually have the panel still available. So with that method, I cannot actually see how our warranty support would be anything other than first class to you.

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