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How does LG solar select solar installers to become part of their dealer network?


Being part of the LG dealer network is actually quite special. It's taken us about five years to recruit right across Australia what we call the best companies that can do solar. You remember that commercial, the fish that John West reject makes John West the best? We're kind of doing that with solar. We've had over 40 companies wanting to join our dealer network in the last 12 months, and we've only recruited three after we thoroughly checked them out.

What do our partners need to do? Excellent customer service, long-term availability, be available if there's any warranty case to promptly go out. It's the service level that we really look at. Also, we want them not just to look at [inaudible 00:00:44] good panels, but they need to use good inverter solutions, they got to use good other equipment that goes all with the system to create a really, really good longterm solution.

Now, the other big issue is that in Australia right now, 690 companies since 2011 have left the industry. Now that means those customers who've chosen these companies are without support. Even 450 manufacturers have left the industry. Again, there is no support. You choose LG, we've been in Australia for over 20 years. We've been in existence over 60 years. You have a very, very different proposition.

We have a $1 billion business in Australia. We don't just have a virtual office and can leave within five minutes. We're here to commit and to give you good longterm service. Now, if one of our partners decides to retire or falls in love and moves overseas, we will put heaven and Earth together to make sure we find another good installation company for that area. Even if it means we have to train an air conditioning company up in the solar, it means you are not without longterm support. That's the difference with the LG partner network.

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