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How does the LG solar warranty claim process work?


We're very proud of how the LG warranty works because let's say you have found that your solar system switches off, the dealers come in, he's done inspection, and let's say for whatever reason, maybe a panel has a broken glass. At that point in time, the dealer will contact us. We'll within 48 hours send him a form. He fills it in with the details, and then again within 48 hours, a new panel will be dispatched should it be declared that it is a warranty item. Now, there are that are not warranty because the warranty is in relation to manufacturer's defect. If you happen to be sitting next to a golf range, and after 40 times a golf ball hitting a panel, one of the guys was strong enough to smack it. And I have had one panel out of the million we have out there come back with the golf ball damage. That is not a warranty claim. That is actually a home insurance claim.

So you can ensure your system. Just ring the insurance after you buy. Normally the premium doesn't go up, but they like to have it registered. So we give you prompt service. The dealers know who to contact. We have panels in our warehouse, and we replace it promptly should it be identified as a warranty claim.

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