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How much maintenance does a solar power system require?


The solar industry has to be sometimes treated with a little bit of caution because our origin is in the insulation industry where we had a lot of players move over. We now have people who offer services like coming over to wash your solar panels, and double check the cabling, and all of those things. Now, I personally recommend when your system was installed, within the first two years have somebody over to double check it's all still working fine, but then the solar system is a fairly rigid installation, a bit like the fridge in the back of your house.

Regularly, maybe every three to four years, leaves in the gutter-type situation, go up there, check that no birds have put a nest underneath it or little things like that, so there is a bit of maintenance required. Let's talk about the dust on the panels. You do not need a squeegee to go up there on the roof in a dangerous situation and clean those panels, the water of the rain comes and cleans those panels. Even if you have dust on them, the normal dust might lose three to 4%. It's not like suddenly the panel lost 50% of the output, it gets a little bit more but not that much more. I say to people, really it is a relatively maintenance-free product.

I get regularly asked, "What about if you put an extra clear coat on the panel to make the dust not stick too much, et cetera?" We use specific glass that doesn't allow dust really to bond too easily, the way that will wash it off. There are also maintenance programs of every six months to come over or panel washing companies. I personally don't believe when you spend 250 bucks on a panel washing lot, you got to make a lot of extra electricity to make that money. Wait for the next rain is my opinion, it'll do the job.

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