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How will electric cars change the solar power industry?


The biggest issue now days, and the changes in the whole industry, will be electric cars. That's really a complete game changer, because an electric car needs about 16 kilowatt hours or thereabouts to drive 100 K. Wouldn't it be nice if I can actually charge my car out of the solar system on my roof? But that means it potentially doubles the size of the solar system that I will need, which means a lot of cases the roof space is not big enough. A lot of the panels that are used right now, the people who've bought them will actually think, "Oh, god, now I got an electric car. I don't have any more roof space," and they will actually have to pull those panels off.

Right now, get the highest efficient panel, save as much roof space, because when the electric cars come in and you want to charge it off of your roof, you're looking to expand the solar system, which means at that point in time you will really be grateful you used a high efficient panel.

When you buy a solar system now don't just think of right now and your bills. Actually think of the future. The future involves batteries and the future involves electric cars. Both of these items will potentially need more solar, because when you have a battery you actually need more grunt at the front to fill it during the day to use it at night. So therefore when you build and create the solar system, make sure you've got spare roof space for future expansion. Sometimes you've got a small roof; that means you then have to go for a high efficient panel now to get the ability to expand later. A high efficient panel is a must have in the solar system now when you want to future proof it for the years to come.

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