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I have an existing solar power system and I want to increase my energy generation, what are my options?


There was a big boom in Australia between 2010, 2011, the government gave $8,000 rebate, and a lot of people put a one and a half kilowatt system on. They got a good feed in tariff, but those feed in tariffs have finished in many places. So the customer's now not getting really the big advantage for their bill anymore.

They often wonder what they should do. My personal advice, if it was a good quality system and they installer didn't just whack it on right in the middle of the roof, then I actually let that run as an independent unit and add an additional system to it, and basically start it fresh. If on the other hand, the system now shows really wear and tear and the inverter is getting towards the end of its life, and in some instances, especially if it occupies a strategic spot on the roof, unfortunately the best is really to remove it and then buy a high quality system.

A lot of these systems were actually of a good quality in those days, so these customers have experience that a high quality system over time actually gives you the best financial return. So in a lot of cases, those customers then will say, okay, I'm now going for what is really the right size, which is 6.6 kilowatt, and that should look after a family comfortably.

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