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I'm building or buying a new home, should I install a solar power system?


If you build a new home nowadays, I would argue that some aspects of the smart home should already have been included, and the solar system is the key driver of the smart home of the future, to have a low energy profile. So building a new home, I believe definitely a solar system should be part of the whole planning. I also believe in attractive panel has to be part of the mix, because you're building a new house, it's looking good, you wouldn't want to really put an ugly solar panel on it. So the LG's have a black frame. They really look quite nice. Now we have a full black as well, if that's what you like, the aesthetic pleasing.

But then the next step is also to consider, is it already the right time for a battery? And in those cases, I'd say with a brand new home, in many cases, the answer would be yes. So you already put the right cabling, where the battery is going to maybe be located, plan for a spot. Your LG energy specialist can give you advice at the planning stage, and when you create your plans, of what are the potential solutions, for how much room or you need, where the cables could be run.

We recommend go to LG energy, type in the dealer finder, put your postcode in, get the local specialist, often there's more than one. Get their advice, then you know how to move forward.

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