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Is 3-12% higher output in solar power generation really worth the extra investment costs?


You asking me if it's three to 12% higher output makes really a difference, and it's a bit like interest on interest on interest.

It's quite amazing how that kind of adds up. Over the course of 20, 30 years, the output difference is significantly more with a higher performing panel.

And especially also, if you consider that that panel has a longer warranty and from that perspective potentially last longer as well. In terms of solar, don't skimp, because the output of the LG system will reward the extra money that you're paying.

So we say to people, especially with batteries and smart home and electric cars coming, you want the best possible system using the least roof space, because then you can expand in the future. So the most future proof system is now the system that has the highest efficiency and the best outcome.

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