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Is it worth investing in a battery for my solar power system?


Nowadays, a solar system of a high quality, like an LG system, in most parts of Australia need about a return on investment of about five years. As soon as you add a battery, really in the most best cases, you're now looking at a seven to eight year payback so it does blow it out a bit. If you build a new home and you feel like I really want the best stuff now, I think it's very much worth it to now get the battery, but if are building just a new system and you're thinking about it, then some people choose to get a battery ready system and they're waiting for the battery cost to come down a little bit.

The answer is yes if you're willing to wait a little bit longer, batteries are worth it. You have battery power when there's a blackout, your fridge is still working, you're still watching TV, your neighbors all on the block, maybe they come over and you become all friends again. In that case, yes, batteries are worth it but the payback is still quite a bit longer than just the solar system alone.

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