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Should I consider the size of my roof space when buying a solar power system?


If you say let's just buy a cheap system and buy twice the panels and some of them will last, the problem is really, our panels are more efficient. That means we need less roof space. What you got to think about is fast forward five years, you suddenly might want a battery, there's an electric car coming over the hill, you need more roof space.

Putting a high-efficient panel on your roof now means you saving roof space for future expansion. If you take an inefficient panel and whack it all over your roof, in 10 years time, you look at it and go, "Oh my God, I need extra." Or even in five years.

It's like those computers years ago that you thought were working really well and then a new Office and a Window came and suddenly it was stuck in time. Those inefficient panels will be taking off the roof and became landfill solar, they will do very little for abatement. You want an efficient, high-efficient, and long-lasting panel now that'll do the best for the environment.

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