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What are the most prevalent types of solar power technology in the market right now?


When one reads in the paper regularly, there are a couple of things that come up and solar. Firstly, the funny new inventions, such as solar paint, and glue on solar stickers, and all sorts of stuff. A lot of times somebody wants to raise money, and they get their PR company to get them all excited, and people invest. We are still sticking to the monocrystalline, technology that has been with us for 20 years. We have brought that up in efficiency by possibly nearly doubling the efficiency over those 20 years, and we're still moving forward. But we're using an N-type Silicon, which is the purest form of Silicon. The one that can withstand heat the best, the one that is the highest efficiency. So monocrystalline is the technology that LG uses, and overall it is the slightly more expensive technology because it uses the more purer ingredients.

LG has actually won quite a lot of awards for the innovation that we have put in the panels. We have one of the largest patent lists in solar. So we invented what's called the Cello technology, which is 12 wire busbars on the neon two to collect the electricity, the more busbar you have the lower, the distance of the electron to travel, and the lower the resistance per busbar. We also have invented the double-sided cell. So the light that spills under the panel, actually will also be absorbed. So we very strong on research, but the key technology underpinning it is still the end type monocrystalline technology.

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