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What are the quality factors that make LG solar panels better quality?


We're about just a bit over 17 kilos per panel, while the others are about 20, so it's a bit less weight on the roof. Also, we actually have, in many cases, double the wind loading of a lot of the other panels.

What most people don't know that panels actually perform less as it gets hotter. We have a better, what's called temperature coefficient, than many others. Which means on a really hot day, when you really need the air con cranking, we don't flatline.

People don't realize, it a bit like rubber getting hard, panels do deteriorate over the years. We deteriorate significantly less. 50% less than the standard panel is what LGs deteriorate less, that is about 10% after 25 years, you will still get more bang for back.

And the technology that we have in the panel with the double sided cells and the NeON and AR, with the 30 ribbons on the back, it really ensures that you... We say you're literally buying tomorrow's technology today. The LG panel overall offers a very strong warranty, a lot of new technology that is not necessarily in the other panels, performance advantages, and a much bigger company backing you, and a dealer network that gives you service.

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