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What happens to my system warranty if my LG Solar dealer partner leaves my area?


One of the biggest issues that people nowadays have when they're ringing us up is that the company that they've used has disappeared. We have over 692 companies who installed solar since 2011, who are now not installing anymore. That means out of the 1.9 million systems on Australian roofs, we've estimated over 600,000 are solar orphans.

Choice magazine recently confirmed the same in their article, which means what happens if you're a solar orphan system owner? It means you ring up, nobody wants to know about your system, the company installed it is not around. The product on the roof, also the company is not around anymore, so we have seen over 400 solar manufacturers of panels leave Australia since 2011. So that means you really have nobody to turn to.

Now, your system has a problem, you now ring the local guy. You're literally a sitting duck now for him to tell you anything and charge anything because you've got no support. If you're within our network, you will A. get somebody to answer, you B. have the panel available to give you, still, in case there's issues.

So every model that we have so far sold in Australia since 2010, I have warranty stock remaining in our local warehouse in Eastern Creek. So you will have not a problem to get a panel replacement should you have an issue. That's the big advantage of the dealer network, because they are the communication tool between LG and the end customer, and they have to give you good service.

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