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What is the difference between an LG 325W, 330W & 335W solar panel?


I get, regularly, calls from customers who see on our website, there's a 325 or 330, 335, maybe even a 340 off the same neon tube offered and like, "Oh, is there a big difference?" There's no big difference between the panels, they're actually made all on the same factory. The example that I use is when you bake a cake, a raisin cake, and you throw the raisins in it, you cannot tell where the raisins will land within the cake. When we make the cells, we cannot predict exactly when these cells kind of get created, how many connecting points within the cells are being formed, and so there's a slight difference in efficiency cell by cell.

If you then put 60 cells together, of varying efficiencies, then you get a slight different outcome at the end in the flash test. So the panels will actually come all from the same production line, same wind loading, same look. You could not tell the difference of a 325 and a 340 until you do the flash test, and then we'll still put the label on it. And the flash test might say 328, or it says 338.

A 338 would be a 335 watt model, and a 328 would be a 325 model. But the actual quality and the longevity of the panels, and the warranty, is exactly the same. We charge a tiny little bit more for a high efficient panel, so expect to pay a little bit more for a 340 system than for a 325. But otherwise, they're both top of the line product.

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