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What is the power consumption in kWh for the typical Australian home?


Australian homes, two to four people, five people, use usually between 20 and 30 kilowatt hours. But we see houses nowadays, which are really big and might use up to 50 kilowatt hours.

If you use a normal Australian house with a normal system, you would possibly looking for 6.6 kilowatts of solar panels, maybe with the five kilowatt inverter. That is the standard.

The LG panels will cost you possibly eight, nine, $10,000. You will possibly benefit if you use 60%, around $1,600. We're looking at around a five year, five and a half year payback, but you then have 20 years worth of warranty at the end.

You can make up to $40,000 out of that system for the initial investment of 10,000. I personally don't believe when you're investing three to four to 5,000, that actually you will get necessarily that full 25 year $40,000 return, because our anecdotal finding is that when it is a little bit cheaper, then the quality aspects are not always there.

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