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What type of solar power system will suit my circumstances?


Many people, really, when they move into solar, wouldn't know if they need a small system, a big system, whatever. I recommend nowadays in our current circumstances, go for about a 6.6 kilowatt system. It doesn't really matter if you're a two family household or a six family household. If you're two family household, you will produce a little more than what you need, but then you export it. You get a feed-in tariff for it. You get money for it. You use that money to then buy the electricity during the night.

If you're a five, six family household, you will use more of that power as it is generated. So your usage rate of export is actually reduced. And so therefore the money that you're saving overall is actually increased because less of your electricity is actually then being brought in from the grid. So it doesn't matter if you're a two or a six person household, I'd say 6.6 kilowatt is where you want to start off.

If you have a really, really big house and really, really big consumption, we see often now 10, 12, 15, 18 kilowatt systems installed. When you have big systems like that, you definitely need a high efficient panel.

I strongly recommend getting one of our LG energy partners. We have vetted them. They give you good, independent advice. They will not charge for site visit and the advice. They will design what is right for you. With a new home, they will see if a battery's already appropriate, what size system you need. That's the free advice that I recommend.

We've also created a beginner's guide for solar. You can download it on our website. That really gets you started. You get an overall picture, because there are unfortunately quite a few pitfalls in this industry. Our initial start of industry was around 2007. A lot of people from the insulation industry moved over. You want to look for a local installer that has been there for a long time. And if they're one of our partners, that's really a sign of quality.

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