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What types of rebates are available around Australia for residential solar?


At the moment, let's say for the 6.6 kilowatt system, the rebate varies to different parts of Australia. But the general range is in the early 3,000's to the high 3,000's, is the money that the government gives you. So if I say an LG system is eight, eight and a half, something like that, maybe nine, depending on the technology in it, that's already has the $3,000 rebate taken off.

Now, in some of the states at the moment, there are additional $2,000 plus rebates available, like in Victoria. New South Wales is thinking about it. So that means that your eight and a half actually comes down further. So I say to people, don't use that extra rebate and buy really, really the cheapest system, use the rebate to get the Mercedes now at a Toyota price.

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