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When is solar power not suitable for my home?


There are some instances where you shouldn't consider solar. Firstly, if actually you're not sure if your house is going to be around in two or three years time, maybe the covenant is riding the road or something like that, if there's no longterm plan for that house, why put it on?

The second one is, I really strongly advise people if they have a very poor roof quality, such as asbestos or very rusted tin roofs, or very, very, very brittle old tiles, I would really recommend initially to take the money and to fix the roof before they really move into solar.

The other one is also if you're actually buying solar because you've got a very big air conditioning bill and all that. If your air conditioning system's from 1970s, you maybe really initially want to fix the air conditioner, because you can put the biggest solar system on and fight that huge old inefficient air conditioning system.

I would suggest do an audit of your house where your electricity needs come from, plug those holes, and then you'll be ready for solar, because the solar will give you the best financial outcome.

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