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Why are the LG solar panels worth extra money?


The LG panels are worth the extra money, because they make you more money. Because if the panel lasts longer and if I have a longer warranty and I don't have to worry about what happens to it, then for 6.6 kilowatt system, let's say in Brisbane, if I use 60% of the electricity, I will give you around $1,600 in return. I now warrant that for 25 years. So as long as you keep your inverter going, the system works, you will make that 1600 bucks each year, which means there's a $40,000 earning that you will make on the solar system, if it's an LG panel.

If it's a cheaper panel with a 10 year warranty, for example, then you get a warranted income stream of $16,000, many times by a partner that is less strong than LG, with a panel that has less innovation in the system.

And so therefore, do you want the warranted 16 grand? Or you want the 40 grand? We believe if you buy a panel at 55 years and you've still got warranty when you're 75, and you look up there, that's not a bad idea.

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