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Why do some companies offering cheap solar leave the industry?


When those solar companies who sell a lot of very cheap stuff, find that, "Oh, I'm getting a phone call. The systems I've installed two and a half years ago. Suddenly I'm getting inverter problems. I have isolator issues. Some panels had water in it. Oh my God, this is happening."

The phone of these companies selling the cheap stuff, get very, very busy. But not actually with customer inquiries to buy new staff. But with customer's inquiries, trying to fix it. They then are going out of pocket a lot because you've got to now have to spend money running around. If they do not get support from their manufacturer, because somebody in a virtual office stopped their mobile, that company is then under big pressure because the consumer law requires that company to make up for the repairs.

If I now got a thousand systems out there with failing panels and failing inverters, there's a million bucks potentially they're going to spend. It's much, much cheaper for me to close that company now down, forget about all my liabilities, have all these customers out there stuck, my Solar Shine, becomes Solar Shinier. Who knows who owns the new company, but I can start all over again.

The warranty, unfortunately in those cases is then really worth not very much. And the customer really has to find other ways to get those systems repaired. Often when our dealers go out and check these systems out, the installation quality is so poor, that in many cases, the best recommendation is actually a rip it off and forget.

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