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Why is cheap solar wasting your government rebate and hurting the environment?


Solar initially got government support because it is an abatement method to avoid CO2 be going into the atmosphere. If we do clean, renewable energy, it's less CO2 going into the atmosphere. That was the whole plan. And the government gave you a rebate for a system to produce 15, or even 25 years, of clean energy.

Now, if you buy a cheap solar system that fails within two or three years, and then you throw it away, the problem is that the CO2 that it's taken to reduce that solar system has actually not been won back yet. So the irony is some solar rebates are being actually paid, but the end result is not a better CO2 outcome, it is actually what we call a landfill sole outcome, which means you've actually created more CO2 making the solar, it's failed, and it has no benefit for the environment whatsoever.

So if you want to have the environmental considerations as one of the things you think about when you buy a system, you have to go for an LG panel for the following reasons. We use already a three megawatt solar farm on the roof of our factory to make the panels in the first place. So about 30% of the factory capacity and use in the panel is actually made by renewable in the first place.

The second point is if we produce a higher efficient panel for the same amount of glass in aluminum than the lower efficient, and that panel last longer, then my CO2 generation out of that panel is much better than one that didn't last so long. So if you're after a positive environmental outcome, our panels are really a product you need to look at.

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