Warranty Registration

Welcome to the LG solar warranty registration. We recommend you register your solar system warranty for Australia so that your records are with LG Solar Australia in case of any future warranty enquiries.

The Manufacturer’s Warranty for LG solar panels will be 12 years from the date of installation for the Mono X 2 and NeON 2 models. They will be 10 years for the Mono X and Multi X models.

By supplying your panel’s installation address and the serial numbers of your LG solar panels you will ensure your details are registered with LG for many years.

In years to come your paperwork might be misplaced and by having registered we have your product details ready to retrieve. Please complete the information below. In case you have any difficulties with the registration process please contact us via solar.sales@lge.com.au

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A single serial number is sufficient for warranty registration to verify the panels in your system are authentic LG panels. Serial numbers are permanently displayed under the glass in the top right hand corner of the panel and on the label on the rear.
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